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Happy World Tourism Day!

In 1980 the United Nations World Tourism Organisation has selected the 27th of September to be world tourism day. This year New Delhi was chosen as a host city to help organise the main part of this year's celebrations. The purpose of this day is to foster awareness among the global community of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value. This years’ focus is specifically on tourism’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), since tourism is a vital source of employment – currently accounting for one in ten jobs worldwide.

So on this occasion, we have prepared for you a selection of our favourite destinations from all around the world. Thanks to #tucansk you can now also explore the stunning beauty of these places.



Argentina is not only the home of tango, world-class steaks and great wine but also a beguiling wilderness of Patagonia's landscapes as well as the staggering force of the Iguazu Falls.


The Philippines consists of more than 7 000 tropical islands – just pick the one that suits your tastes whether it involves beaches, mountains, or large cities full of festivals.

South Africa

South Africa is a country of astounding diversity, allowing you not only explore world-renown safaris, sand dunes as well as superb wine-producing areas.

New Zealand

New Zealand may be far from home, but it is definitely worth a visit. Although its imposing fjords and mountains make it one of the best hiking and skiing destinations in the world, New Zealand offers much more.


Romania is well known for its medieval villages and castles; however, its vast mountains and especially the unique beauty of the best-preserved delta in Europe is also worth a visit. In this delta nature leads its course with minimal human intervention, so you can see around 5000 species of animals and plants some of which are very rare.

Utah, United States of America

Utah is home to some of North America's most breathtaking scenery including several natural wonders and unique attractions such as kaleidoscopic canyons and ancient petroglyphs.


So, where will your next steps lead you? Will it be icy Patagonia, tropical Phillippines, diverse South Africa, otherworldly Romania or perhaps majestic Utah? Wherever it may be, for Tucan, it will be an honour to accompany you on this adventure.


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