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British Airways is celebrating 100 years of flying

Did you know that 100 years have passed since the inaugural international flight?

British Airways predecessor - Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T); has launched its first regular daily flight between London and Paris on 25.8.1919. Today, on the other hand, you can choose from over 200 destinations, which British Airways services regularly.

In honour of this occasion, British Airways has introduced its very first Airbus 350. Not only is the aircraft more eco-friendly (since it uses 25% less fuel), but it was also designed with your comfort in mind. The reduced noise levels, ambient lighting which is intended to compliment the time of day and outside light as well as higher humidity and refreshed air, thanks to which you will leave the flight feeling rested.

You can find three different cabins on board of the Airbus 350, all of which have access to high-speed WiFi. Club Suite is equipped with seats from the newest generation of business class, offering direct-aisle access, luxurious flat-bed as well as doors for greater privacy. At the same time, the World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins. offer an improved dining experience and new furnishings.   


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